Friday, September 1, 2017

Sending . . .

It has been an action packed summer as 6 Proclaim teams went out within an 8-week period!

FRANCE       CENTRAL EUROPE       SERBIA         ASIA         2 TO PERU

It has been a whirlwind of activity getting these teams out and we are excited that this summer we have had more teams with more members than ever to date. All this ministry was the culmination of months of preparation involving recruiting and screening new short term participants and working with them, and with the returning members, through their support raising, travel logistics and orientation. Although we did not physically go with any of these teams this time, we felt a connection to each one through our part in their preparation.

Only through God at work in this whole process has this been possible! There were daily problems that sometimes seemed to have the potential to derail everything. But God had a plan and many times we even saw that things ended up being better because of all that happened. Certainly we saw God glorified through it all. Thanks for your prayers!

Friday, August 25, 2017


A summer highlight was a reunion with more than 50 of Kathie's mom's family in Michigan. As we connect with our many family members and friends in Michigan and Indiana, we are overwhelmed again with the blessing that God continues to pour out on us through these relationships.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Hope of Christmas and All Seasons

We recently returned from the annual Gathering of our Proclaim! International missionary community — over 40 of us who live and minister in six different countries.  Stuart McAllister of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries brought valuable teaching all week, lifting us to a higher perspective on the true biblical hope that is ours, and for which all the world is searching. The more deeply we experience that hope, the more peace we have in the realities of this life, and the more we have to offer to the hopeless and helpless in any society or culture.

We take this to heart as we end a full and busy year. There have been many things that have been fulfilling and rewarding, but we understand that our hope is not in the results of our efforts. There have also been failures from our perspective. But in those, our hope is in God’s sovereignty, his ultimate purpose, and unfailing love.

We are grateful and thankful for you who are part of God’s good purpose and provision in our life and ministry. We wish you a Merry Christmas and God’s blessings in the coming year.

May your unfailing love be with us, LORD, even as we put our Hope in you.    Psalm 33:22    

                                                                                          Christianity offers a living hope, and sufficient reason for it. It carries assurance that God is at once Lord of the future and Sovereign of the present. That is all the reason one really needs for confronting the very crumbling expectations of modernity with the enduring principles of Christianity. 
Carl F Henry

Hope is not blind, nor is it alone. It is rooted in who God is, what He has done, and what He will yet do.
Stuart McAllister


Monday, October 3, 2016

Help Send Josua and Anastasia to Greece

October 8-24 I will lead a saxophone quartet - Sax 4th Avenue - in Greece. Two young people have taken up my challenge to be a part of this team, both from families who are deeply involved with the gospel in their own countries of Croatia and Cypress. Both are vital to the success of this team.

  Make a secure donation at Proclaim International:
Select "Greece Tour" from drop down menu

Jośua Kovacevič has been involved in Proclaim!-Croatia and other ministries since he was very young. He has taken time to hone his musical skills at a conservatory in Austria, and his Christian band October Light has performed all over Europe.

 Anastasia Papadopoulou has a radio ministry in Cyprus, Kanali 7, a station that broadcasts Christian programming 24/7 throughout Cyprus and beyond. She is one of the music producers as well as having her own program in the evenings. She will be our onstage translator.

Because the Christian communities in their countries are small and have limited resources, we want to help with their transportation and ministry costs for this project. In total we need $4000 for that need.

If you would be a part of sending these two young people to Greece you can donate at the link above. Thank you for considering this opportunity.

For His Kingdom
Jim Jenkins

Starting Next Week in Greece!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Croatia: Ima Nade / There is Hope

The city of Cakovec was a happenin' place the first week of June! And we got to be there with Southern Cross, along with other Proclaim bands, working with our tireless and innovative Proclaim!-Croatia team.

During the days our bands played in the city plaza and other strategic locations. Bold messages and great music going out through TV and radio interviews also helped heighten awareness.

Interview with Proclaim Ima Nade Director Branko Kovacevic

The main activity hub was a big tent in the center of town where daytime activities attracted the kids. Then every evening it was exciting to see the tent fill up for an hour of music by the bands and a combined choir from the local churches, followed by a speaker addressing real life felt spiritual needs and offering hope. There were many responses each night, and follow up meetings were publicized for those who had found new faith or needed more information.

Three different international speakers took part throughout the week

The outreach has continued as the evening tent events were videoed for broadcast later, and the local radio station continues to play clips from an hour-long broadcast where Southern Cross played several songs and Jim had the opportunity to speak openly about our reason for having this event.

We are thankful for the hard work of the church in Croatia, and for God's blessing. 


Southern Cross in the tent

Next Exit

Croatian Band October Light


Combined Choir from the churches

Tech team

Saturday, May 21, 2016

What a Difference a Few Days Can Make . . .

. . . in our perspective. A week ago we had a new water softener installed but there was some problem with the configuration of the pipes, and the house water was not routing through it for treatment.

So began a digging expedition for Jim that led to the discovery of an unrelated pipe problem that had to be fixed, which grew more complicated and required shutting off the water to the house for 3 days. So now after multiple challenges, that problem has been fixed but we have the same original issue.

A week ago I (Kathie) was frustrated that city water was still leaving its residue on everything it touched while a brand new water conditioner sat in the garage all ready to go. But after 3 days of NO water, except what was fetched in buckets from our neighbor's garden hose, I had quite a different perspective on the water I had disparaged a few short (long) days ago. The water that makes possible such luxuries as flushing toilets.

I couldn’t help but think about how we take for granted something like water when it’s plentiful. And sadly, the same can be true of the Living Water for those of us who have experienced it. Jesus said that those who drink of it will never thirst. I sometimes forget that people are thirsty – literally dying of spiritual thirst.

What a powerful experience as we get ready to leave this week for Croatia to join with Proclaimers and others from different parts of the world to be a part of multi-faceted outreach with our national Proclaim team in Cakovec, Croatia. This will be a new experience for Southern Cross Bluegrass Band after their ministry in Greece the past 2 years. We look forward to introducing them to Proclaim’s Ima Nade (There is Hope) ministry that we have been partnering with for almost 30 years! We will leave May 25 and return on June 6.  

We long ago came to expect and accept the barrage of physical and emotional challenges that are part of the spiritual battle as we approach the last few days leading up to a significant evangelistic event. This past week has been no exception. The plumbing issue, along with several other circumstances, has brought temptation to respond with frustration, but also has been a confirmation that we are in a significant spiritual battle. And like so many life experiences in the journey with God, the mission that we envisioned does not become a reality, but through it God leads another direction accomplishing what he intended and teaching us and stretching our faith along the way.

We have total expenses of $3900 for our flights and tour costs. If you would like to have a part in sending us on this mission you can donate here: Donate at Proclaim and select Jenkins on the drop down menu. Thanks for prayers for us and the entire endeavor as we go to offer the living water.

Kathie and Jim